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If you are an Ipad(tm) owner and have ever tried to take advantage of it's great graphics capabilities by taking some photos or video, then you are all too familiar with the nearly impossible task of holding the pad steady by the edge with one hand while trying to press the shutter icon on the screen.

  Now, with the Tridapt(tm) adapter, you can take flawless photos or video. You can even use the timer app to include yourself in the picture!  The Tridapt (tm) adapter is sturdy, lightweight and compact, collapsing to slide into your bag or pocket.  It's simple to use. Just slide your pad into the adapter and it is held securely in place.  The adapter will mount on any standard tripod head.  Add a pistol grip or a table tripod and you have a great hand-held support for spontaneous video or an ideal stand for viewing your pictures!
Adapter in open position
Adapter in closed position
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The Tridapt    Adapter